Timviec.com seeks to invest in successful companies in Vietnam. Timviec.com focuses on companies that can meet the market's new metrics. A significant emphasis is placed on profitability, growth track record and the experience of management.

While the markets won't have much interest in money-losing companies of any kind, Timviec.com doesn't believe that profits alone will be sufficient to achieve a successful public listing. Rather, the public markets will require profits, growth, and model efficiencies. A company lacking in any one of these categories will not be a good candidate for future IPO, in our view. Timviec.com believes that future IPO candidates must take full advantage of the substantial cost and margin benefits offered by the Internet and its accompany tool-set of business efficiency software.

Grooming and developing companies for Wall Street success is Timviec.com's key area for adding value. Timviec.com draws upon a diverse set of skills, strengths, and industry experience to help growing companies effectively maximize valuation and future fund raising ability. Timviec.com's network and ability to assist companies aiming for the public markets is unmatched.